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Run a more efficient production with CORY Store

Discover how our warehouse management system can help you to save both time and money.

Easy to use warehouse

CORY Store was designed with intuitive and easy to use interface. Controls are as simple as possible while displaying all necessary information.

Shelf life tracking

Material or product shelf life tracking is essential in many industries. CORY Store has a mechanism ensuring that oldest items go out first.

Easy intergration with your current system

Our team has extensive experience with integration among different systems. We designed CORY Store to have an easy and broad data exchange interface.

Global connection

Constantly growing database of world leading material and product manufacturers' catalogues is available for users of CORY Store. Users of our system can explore huge collection of new materials and products, with possibility of ordering from nearest dealer.

Material and product manufacturers can reach new markets by submitting their catalogues into our database.

CORY Store brings truly global connection between manufacturers and their customers.

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